Nạp Ruby Garena Fantasy Town Malaysia

Dịch vụ nạp Ruby vào tài khoản game mobile Garena Fantasy Town Malaysia giá rẻ.
Khách 100.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 95 McCash
Khách 240.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 231 McCash
Khách 330.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 321 McCash
Khách 650.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 637 McCash
Khách 1.280.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 1.265 McCash
Khách 1.880.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 1.863 McCash
Khách 3.100.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 3.075 McCash

How to find Garena Fantasy Town (Malaysia) User ID?

  1. Use your account to login the game.
  2. Open system Profile Picture .
  3. Your User ID will be displayed at personal info.




Garena Fantasy Town (Malaysia)

Make your dream come true! Become the Lord of Fantasy Town!

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A horde of trolls have invaded your town! Now is the time to rise up and build your town and farm back to its former glory.
Are you ready to help your citizens take back and build your dream town?