Nạp 30000 C points tài khoản PlayNC KR

Nạp 30000 C points tài khoản PlayNC KR

Khách 880.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 863 McCash

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30000 Points = 30000 C

NCSoft là một trong những NPH game nổi tiếng khi tung ra thị trường nhiểu sản phẩm nổi tiếng như Lineage, Blade and Soul, Lineage II, Aion, GuildWar ...

NCsoft Ncoins

NCSoft NCoins are the virtual currency in NCSOFT’s US, KR and EU games featuring popular titles such as Aion, Lineage II, Blade & Soul and Wildstar. NCoin can be used in-game to buy useful and cosmetic digital items including a huge variety of vanity items, costumes, mounts and experience boosts. Only NCoin can be used to purchase items from the respective game's web shop or in-game shop. 

Do take note that NCSoft NCoins cannot be used for AION EU and Lineage 2 EU before making your purchase. Also purchased NCoin does not expire.