Nạp 400+80 Gold Shini Game Global

Nạp 400+80 Gold Shini Game Global

Khách 260.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 253 McCash

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Shini Game (Global) is a MMORPG browser game in horizontal version. You need to put in effort to become the most powerful Soul Reaper in the Soul Society. You can improve your power by defeating the World Boss, raid dungeons, build your own legion, forge your Zanpakutou to collect soul and participate excellent events in game, you will be the savior of Soul Society!

Players can become VIP and obtain the VIP EXP by top-up Shini Game Gold (Global). The VIP level will increase when the VIP EXP reaches the upgrading requirement. Top up Shini Game Gold (Global) to enjoy various in-game VIP benefits now!