Xunlei Thunder Member SVIP 90 ngày

Xunlei Thunder Member SVIP 90 ngày

Khách 370.000 VNĐ
Thành viên 363 McCash

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Xunlei (Thunder) Downloader

  • Xunlei, also known as Thunder is a very fast P2P file sharing with download acceleration. It has the ability to pause and resume downloads. Xunlei is also integrated with 'offline' downloading, powerful search engine and Xunlei KanKan, a popular video-on-demand service with support for HD video.

Xunlei (Thunder) VIP or SVIP Privilege

  • Xunlei (Thunder) VIP or SVIP privilege is a service that provide members to enjoy hi-speed downloading in a short period. Besides, you can also enjoy more features with VIP or SVIP privilege membership.